Death’s Landing

The ships fled over the water, demons at their heels.
Their hulls were marked with names like Wind Dancer, Juggernaut, Wave Tamer, Edge Sailer.
They were dying, eking out this last desperate run, hoping for a safe haven from the hell they had called down upon themselves.

The Royal Armada of Kelnivor hounded their prey, their sorcerors calling the winds to speed their chase.
They had taken more than half of the so-called Pirate Fleet, ballistae and arcane fire more than suitable enough to deal with the human scum and their pitiful allies.
Grand Prince Shevarash of The Armada relished the hunt, and the past three days had been the best of his four hundred and sixteen years on the water. He’d crushed enemies of the empire before, but never had he annihlated them as he intended for the King Breaker and its Captain.

Captain Tevara of the King Breaker rushed across the deck of her father’s foolishly named ship, and helped her crew keep them afloat as much as her considerable experience could.
She’d never meant to find herself leading an attempt to break the thousand-year blockade that guarded the heart of the Kelnivorean Empire.
She’d not believed when the insane attempt succeeded.
Her father had perished, and she’d kept on because no one else but her had the right to lead the King Breaker.

Death's Landing